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Business Gifts

Personalized business gifts are individual and special. Every business, team, or association is different. A custom corporate gift underlines the uniqueness of a company or group. Don't settle for a generic branded item. Get something special. Monsoon creates unique promotional items and gifts tailored to specific clients, special events, or particular groups of people. With personalized corporate gifts, you can:

  • Set your company apart
  • Develop a unique company
  • Inspire pride in your group,
    company and community

Whether a silk scarf, Pashmina scarf or a silk tie, you can develop highly professional, unique corporate gifts with Monsoon's personalized designs.

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Monsoon Corporate Business Gifts


Custom Scarves and Ties as Business Gifts

Unique promotional items are Monsoon's specialty. We add artistic flair to every project with personalized business gifts.

We offer products for all sorts of events. Our clients include large-scale companies, museums, and organizations. Mark business anniversaries with custom apparel or give unique gifts to employees.

Monsoon makes silk ties, scarves, and much more.

Silk Ties

Order silk ties zany or sleek, artsy or simple.

Spoil your employees with woven or printed silk ties as unique business gifts. Build solidarity with matching team ties. Present valued clients with creative neckwear. Add that “something special” to uniforms. Inspire a team, club or alumni group with gifts sure to impress.

Monsoon printed and woven silk ties are great for any group or occasion.

Monsoon Unique Corporate Gifts: Wholesale Custom Ties
Canadian Bar Association tie: A unique corporate gift with an intricate,
custom design, featuring patterned justice scales

Printed Silk Scarves

Custom scarves inject style into any logo or corporate gift.

Our scarves for men and women are woven with the finest silks and fabrics. Print your order with your logo, or even a painting or landscape. The sky’s the limit with our corporate gifts.

Our silk scarves can be digitally printed or silk-screened for a more natural look. Fabric options include a wide range of silks, wool, cashmere, pashmina and modal.

Let us create stylish, elegant, custom scarves for your unique corporate gifts.

Monsoon Corporate Business Gifts: Wholesale Custom Scarves
Quebec Soccer Federation scarves: Personalized business gifts
for sports teams inspire pride and solidarity

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Monsoon Corporate Business Gifts

"With Monsoon's extensive knowledge and expertise, we have created a beautiful line... Monsoon's suggestions and assistance were paramount in completing our project."

Frank Caracciolo
Amabile Fashions
Custom Corporate Gifts - Monsoon Corporate Business Gifts

Why Monsoon?

Monsoon offers truly unique promotional items. Our creativity and design experience qualify us to handle any personalized promotional items you may need. Need branded corporate neckwear? We'll create a corporate item that beautifully represents your company or association. We can develop virtually any design imaginable. We'll customize the item with an attractive, personalized look and feel. With professionally designed corporate gifts, you'll cast your company in the best light.

We are different because we offer:

  • An artistic flair
  • Custom designs
  • Personal service
  • Professional advice
  • High-quality materials
  • Extensive design experience

Get unique promotional items from the best in the industry, with Monsoon's personalized business gifts.