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Monsoon offers both natural and synthetic custom pashmina scarves and shawls. Do you know what sets each type apart? Learn more about natural and synthetic pashmina wool and the differences between them on our blog.

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Custom Wholesale Pashminas for Unique Corporate Gifts - Monsoon

Custom Wholesale Pashmina Scarves and Shawls for Unique Corporate Gifts

Custom Pashmina Shawls by Monsoon

The demand for pashmina shawls and scarves has increased over the last few years. This ancient fiber has fast become a luxury item in today’s market. The term ‘Pashmina’ refers to a woolen fabric from India and Nepal.

The fabric is woven with a special goat fleece unique to the area. Local wildlife had to adapt to the harsh Himalayan climate. As such, the Changthangi goat has a coat made from thicker and lighter fiber than any other breed.

Farmers gather Pashmina wool, referred to as pashm in local dialect, during the spring. This precious wool has been shorn from these goats and woven into fabric for hundreds of years.

Wholesale Custom Pashmina Scarves by Monsoon

Beautiful Pashmina shawls have been sought-after in Central and South Asia for centuries. Then, the fabric began trading as a luxury in the West. This is not surprising, given its warmth and beauty.

A pashmina wool scarf or shawl makes for the perfect fashion piece for any season or occasion. As a long, rectangular woolen fabric, you can wear it in many ways. Drape the scarf or shawl over both shoulders or loop it under the right arm and over the left shoulder.

A colorful Pashmina can brighten the day or set the tone for a formal dinner. Both men and women can wear these scarves, which are available in many sizes and colors. Pashminas are some of the finest accessories in the fashion world.

Pashminas are the epitome of high-end corporate gifts.

Our wholesale pashmina scarves serve as the perfect personalized corporate gifts. Just add your company's logo. These scarves can help show off your company's identity and further a corporate message. At the same time, their comfort ensures use and increases your brand's exposure.

We import our products from Asia's finest wool producers. To match the luxe nature of our fabrics, we custom embroider with the highest quality threads. Your designs will be bright, vibrant and professional.

Soft to touch and pleasant to look at, our custom pashmina items attract attention. Each client or employee at your business will want one!

Would you like one of our many pashmina products as a business gift, but do not have a design in mind? Our artistic team will be happy to create a custom product inspired by your company branding.

At Monsoon, we have built our reputation on creating the ideal business gift. Are you looking for high quality corporate gifts you can customize? Look no further than Monsoon’s wholesale pashmina scarves and pashmina shawls.

Contact us, and let us help you create unique corporate gifts remembered and well used for years to come.

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