Custom, Soft Pashmina Scarves Extend Spa Experience

Your customers come to your spa for the relaxing atmosphere, to cherish a unique experience and pamper themselves. While in your gentle care, your clients indulge in treats they don’t allow themselves on a regular basis. What if you could extend their spa experience until their next appointment with you?

The Bella Clinique team wearing their elegant custom pashmina scarves.

A luxury spa in Montreal, Bella Clinique, did just that. For the clinic’s latest media and VIP event, they prepared quality and authentic pashmina scarves, which were handed out to attendees as a souvenir. The timeless, elegant black personalized scarves had a small ‘JB Skin Guru’ printed on them, a testimony to the clinic’s founder, Jennifer Brodeur, known around the world as the Skin Guru. Not only did these custom scarves add a sleek, fashionable touch to guests’ outfits, they were made from one of the softest, most comfortable materials available, furthering that sensation of something smooth and airy against the skin –  rivaled only, perhaps, by a soothing facial.

The pashmina scarves’ classic style and high quality turned them into something their owners would want to wear time and time again, long after the event. “The scarves were the perfect fall gift,” says Jazz Turgeon, a director at Bella Clinique. “We were very pleased by the outstanding service from Monsoon and its team. Our scarves were beautiful and delivered to our door on time.” In a very simple, elegant manor, Monsoon Corporate Gifts and Bella Clinique addressed one of the trickiest marketing challenges for a small business: how to leave a lasting, positive impression with your most valued clients, so that they share their experience with their friends and colleagues, ultimately bringing you new customers.

Are you looking for a concrete reminder of those peaceful, heavenly moments in your spa to accompany your customers as they hold work meetings, push a cart through grocery store aisles or pick the kids up from school? With a touch of sophistication and an ounce of practicality, your business will remain on the forefront of their mind.

Custom pashmina scarves with a small logo printed on.

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The Power of Modal Fabric for Custom Scarves

Custom Modal Scarf for Gallaudet University

As modal fabric is becoming more and more popular, it raises the question: why choose modal over silk or cotton for custom scarves?

Modal is a type of rayon, made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. Modal fabric has many benefits which make it a popular textile choice for businesses interested in rayon scarves. Modal fabric is:

Eco-friendly: As a bio-based processed textile, modal textile combines the benefits of natural fiber with the soft feel of modern microforms. Modal is created through a renewable process and is 100% biodegradable.

Soft & Fashionable: Modal has been described as one of the softest fabrics. Modal fibers produce very fine and beautiful silk-like custom scarves that drape well and keep their shape even when wet.

Durable: Whereas other fabrics, such as cotton, are vulnerable to shrinkage and fading, modal is a very durable fabric that stays soft with stunning colors even after repeated washings.

Breathable: Natural properties of beechwood pulp allow modal to release sweat and moisture quickly. Modal textile is 50% more absorbent than cotton making it the perfect fabric for personalized scarves.

Affordable: As a processed textile, modal presents businesses with a high-quality economical alternative to more expensive fabrics such as as silk and pashmina.

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Transforming Engaged Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Are engaged employees enough? Touted as a valuable competitive advantage, employee engagement has become a key performance indicator in many organizations. How can organizations take employee engagement to the next level?

By giving employees the opportunity to share their insider perspective, organizations can reap significant rewards. As the most trusted source of information, employees can play a key role in boosting sales. Adobe, a leader in employee advocacy, has seen a significant increase in leads and subscriptions since they’ve enabled employees to engage potential clients online. Adobe’s employee brand ambassadors have had a direct impact on the company’s bottom line with 20% of Creative Cloud subscriptions and 20% of Marketing Cloud leads influenced by social media.

Though incorporating your employees in your social media strategy is a step forward, it is not enough. To take full advantage of the benefits of employee advocacy, organizations must invest in cultivating brand advocates internally according to Tony Hsieh, CEO of, an online retailer renowned for their employee engagement. “We celebrate on a company-wide, departmental, and individual-contributor basis,” says Hsieh. Many organizations see key milestones as a chance to commemorate their organization’s, departments’, and employees’ achievements as a team.

For their 150th anniversary, the City of St. Albert wanted to pay tribute to their employees and VIPs’ contributions with unique gifts. With the city’s rich history in mind, Monsoon developed custom high-quality silk ties and scarves with the city’s emblem incorporated in the design. According to Megan Straker, Marketing Coordinator of the City of St. Albert, “Our custom ties and scarves have been a hit with everyone who has seen them!” With these gifts, the city not only recognized the contributions of their employees and VIPs, they also transformed them into brand advocates by giving them the perfect opportunity to showcase their pride in their city with these elegant accessories.

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Let Art Increase Your Sales

Many organizations struggle to find memorable ways to promote their offering while increasing income. As competition for customer attention becomes fierce, how can you effectively boost sales with style?

Have you considered art? Art not only attracts attention by its very nature, it also creates the opportunity to communicate your branding through a unique experience. As organizations strive to stand out from their competition, more and more are integrating art into their own marketing and sales strategies. Absolut Vodka, a brand renowned for some of the most successful and creative marketing campaigns, is one of these organizations. As part of their branding strategy, Absolut engaged popular artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and many more, to create artistic ad concepts. These artistic ads left a lasting memory, drawing people to the brand.

Not all companies have the vision to use this strategy. A best practice that has shown results for more mainstream companies is to offer elegant memorabilia, incorporating your specialties and values. The challenge is creating an artistic product that is easy to enjoy for the buyer in order to create opportunities to discuss the product’s source and the experiences associated with it. To accomplish their role as conversation starters, artistic products must demonstrate outstanding beauty in order for their owners to show them off on a regular basis. Moreover, they must incorporate the image/nature of the organization they represent. Creating a product that meets these requirements while respecting budgetary restrictions can be a challenge for organizations.

Monsoon collaborated with the Federation of Cooperatives of Northern Quebec (la Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec (FCNQ)) to promote Inuit art using custom wholesale ties and scarves. The practical nature of the silk ties and scarves and the beauty and precision of the art pieces made these artistic products an optimal sales tool. Monsoon created an elegant design using renowned Inuit sculptor and engraver Paulusi Sivuak’s black and white stone cut print of birds. Monsoon carefully added movement to the design using color and a fluid silk weave.

By adding these silk ties and scarves to their existing offering, the Federation was able to offer its clients memorable wearable art that they could use on a regular basis. With these creative wholesale ties and scarves, the Federation successfully converted their clients into unofficial ambassadors. By drawing positive attention, the artistic ties and scarves naturally create the opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing, indirectly promoting both Inuit art as well as the Federation’s goal.

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How to Show Donor Recognition for 51 Million Dollars

When Nazareth College completed the most successful fundraising campaign in the College’s history – resulting in 51 million dollars in donation – they knew they had to find a unique way to show appreciation to their distinguished donors and trustees.

Offering custom appreciation gifts to generous contributors has been an effective donor recognition strategy. The American Diabetes Association’s TourdeCure – a series of fundraising cycling events – has established a Thank You Gifts and Incentives Program through which contributors can earn branded bike bells, water bottles, and other kind of cycling gear. This kind of program effectively incentivizes physical activity and increases the likelihood that donors will participate next year. Frank Barry, Director of Digital Marketing for Blackbaud, emphasized that offering branded appreciation gifts “can have a lasting impact on donors,” but the key to success is to “use gifts that align with your mission.”

With that in mind, Nazareth College contacted Monsoon for assistance with producing elegant custom appreciation gifts. In order to align to the College’s mission and image, Monsoon’s experts printed custom ties and scarves with a design that incorporated the institution’s official colors (purple and gold). The traditional laurel branch design reflects the College’s strong liberal arts tradition and focus on academic integrity and achievement. To create an exclusive feel, Nazareth College created a special edition with a customized label. With those gifts in hand, the College was able to show appreciation to their stakeholders and emphasize what the institution stands for. Nazareth College’s fundraising campaign effectiveness has allowed the majority of their students to receive some kind of assistance. With a brand new Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute including collaboration-focused classrooms, the College’s vision and reach is expanding fast, demonstrating the power of a donor recognition strategy in line with the organization’s mission.

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Rebranding? Don’t forget to update your uniform!

In the life of companies, there comes a time for rebranding. As companies refresh their image to adapt to new trends, they change many elements of their brand: their logo, their slogan, their website… But often, we tend to forget the company uniforms, even though their style plays a key role in how brands are perceived. How can your company use style to strengthen your rebranding strategy?

As brands evolve, new custom company uniforms are an effective mean to communicate brand changes to relevant stakeholders. A recent Virgin Airlines example shows that not only do the new globally renowned red uniforms help clients recognize Virgin Airlines employees, they reinforce the “chic” reputation of the airline. They also created a unique engagement opportunity with clients and employees alike. 180 employees were given the opportunity to trial the uniforms and were asked for feedback. A special hashtag was used in hundreds of tweets related to the new custom uniforms. What could have been a simple change in uniform became a unique branding opportunity which the airline capitalized upon.

Virgin Airlines is not the only company to use new threads as a marketing tool. The Company of Master Mariners of Canada, a national nautical professional association, collaborated with Monsoon Corporate Gifts to update their captains’ uniforms with personalized silk ties. These elegant ties were to be given as personalized corporate gifts to the members of the Company.

They were looking for a woven custom ties, with high quality embroidery of the logo. Monsoon Corporate Gifts assisted them with designing an elegant professional tie which would reflect the dignity and prestige of Master Mariners. When asked about the silk ties, Jack Gallagher, Master Mariner, said “We received our order of new ties for our association and could not be more pleased. The feedback from the members is very positive. Your patience and attention to detail during the process is much appreciated and has paid off handsomely. It was a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Find out how Monsoon Corporate Gifts can assist you with your rebranding strategy with custom corporate clothing. Get a free consultation for unique custom ties/scarves.

Are You Looking to Boost Donor Retention?

According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project1, average donor retention has decreased from 50% to 43% from 2006 to 2014. This trend creates a significant challenge for non-profit organizations. Indeed, in 2013, Dr. Adrian Sargeant, then Professor of Fundraising at Indiana University, reported: “Over 70% of people … never come back and make another gift, so we’re caught on this treadmill where we have to spend lots of money on acquisition which most nonprofits lose money on anyway, just to stand still.”2
How can organizations get off this treadmill? The key is to build a relationship with the donor, where they feel connected to the nonprofit and appreciated for their generosity. Unfortunately, most nonprofits are not focusing enough on saying thank you. Organizations need to actively invest in donor appreciation. Still, not every gift has a positive impact on retention. Terry Axelrod, CEO of Benevon, an organization specialized in sustainable funding for non-profit says: “Instead of fancy baubles or plaques, find … personal ways to thank your donors and connect them to your mission.… By recognizing and honoring your donors this way, you will make lasting friends.”3

With over 20 years of experience, Monsoon helps organizations in making gifts that are engaging for their generous supporters. Recently, Monsoon assisted the UC San Diego’s Foundation Board in finding a personalized way to show appreciation to their corporate donors, whom enabled many of the University’s landmark research projects, such as the Qualcomm and Kavli Institutes, to come to life.The Board was looking to reflect the Foundation’s mission and the private contributors’ vital role in elevating the University to one of the most prestigious research institutions, ranked among the top 15 research universities worldwide in 2014. In order to find a distinctive way to show appreciation to their donors, the Foundation Board was seeking a gift that would be personal, but with a clear link to the university.

The University chose to offer custom ties and scarves, incorporating UC San Diego’s branding elements. Exclusive silk ties and scarves were designed in golden and dark blue colors, the UC San Diego branding colors, incorporating UC San Diego’s logo and motto: “Let there be light.” The tie and scarf design included trident shapes, echoing the UC San Diego Tritons’ athletic spirit. Though no gift could match the corporate donors’ generosity, a well-designed gift acts as a reminder of how their contributions help animate the campus’ numerous research centers and keeps them engaged in the cause. After all, an average of 67% of the donors give the majority of their annual total donation amount to the charity with which they feel the most connected.4 Note, 30% of donors even fundraise, at least once a year, on behalf of the charity that they are most involved with.

Is your organization ready to engage your donors and increase retention? Contact us now to discuss how Monsoon Corporate Gifts can assist you in fostering donor pride with custom ties and scarves.





It’s Valentine’s Day – Time to Show Appreciation!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re reminded of the importance of appreciating the people in our lives. Whether it be a bouquet of flowers from your loved one or a custom gift from your employer, little gestures go a long way.

Though there is no Valentine’s Day for employees, organizations should make sure to actively value their employees. Bersin’s The State of Employee Recognition report shows that organizations with the most sophisticated recognition practices are 12 times more likely to have strong business outcomes.

Though nearly 75% of organizations have a recognition program, only 58% of employees think that their organizations have recognition programs (Source: Bersin). As such, many organizations are not reaping the benefits of employee appreciation initiatives.

This comes as no surprise considering that only 14% of organizations provide managers with the necessary tools for providing rewards and recognition, according to the Aberdeen Group’s The Power of Employee Recognition report.

To help organizations show employees their appreciation in a more concrete manner, Monsoon works with organizations to provide creative custom ties and scarves adapted to their needs. As part of their graduation ceremony, Meaningfulworld, an NGO working in alliance with the UN Commission for Social Development, collaborated with Monsoon to develop elegant silk scarves to recognize the graduates’ work. The attendees were so impressed and the scarves increased the interest in our program,” according to Dr. Kalayjian, Meaningfulworld/ATOP’s founder and Vice Chair of the United Nations Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Executive Committee. “[O]ne of our recent graduates stated in her paper that when she attended our conference and commencement in 2010 she wanted to be one of the people receiving the Meaningfulworld Ambassador graduation scarf.”

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The Aurora Barbarians Rugby Club rewards its MVPs with style!

When the Toronto Barbarians and the Aurora RFC decided to merge in 2002, both clubs already had decades of rich history marked by exceptional players and intense competition. Since then, the Aurora Barbarians Rugby Club has strived to find innovative ways to rewards its MVPs in a way that represent their passion for the sport and the club. That is why they asked Monsoon Corporate Gifts to design custom ties that would be given to the players inducted into the team’s hall of fame. Monsoon assessed the team’s needs with the executive staff and suggested a unique custom design.

The Aurora Barbarians Rugby Club Tie

Zoom in on the Barbarians’ tie details

“We were promised to get our ties for our club and they arrived a week before promised. They could not look better. Everyone was talking about the quality and workmanship of the end product. They looked fantastic! Great experience working with Monsoon on these club ties and hope to work with them again next year for another function we are doing.” said one of the executive staff members.

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The Atlantic Salmon Federation Drives Membership Loyalty With Custom Ties and Scarves Once Again!

For a second time in 5 years, the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) partnered with Monsoon Corporate Gifts to bring a custom touch to its member loyalty program. Like many associations, the ASF has been striving to thank its members in a manner that truly reflects their passion. It is why they asked Monsoon to design custom ties and scarves that would be in the “Special Gift Packages” dedicated to their most loyal members.

Monsoon analyzed ASF’s branding and suggested a custom design based on their specific needs and delivered a unique high quality product. The beautifully designed ties and scarves were a creative way to show appreciation to their members, while encouraging word of mouth promotion, since the distinctive ties and scarves the members proudly wear will spark discussions about the ASF and its wonderful work in helping to preserve Salmon habitats all over the world.

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