Rebranding? Don’t forget to update your uniform!

In the life of companies, there comes a time for rebranding. As companies refresh their image to adapt to new trends, they change many elements of their brand: their logo, their slogan, their website… But often, we tend to forget the company uniforms, even though their style plays a key role in how brands are perceived. How can your company use style to strengthen your rebranding strategy?

As brands evolve, new custom company uniforms are an effective mean to communicate brand changes to relevant stakeholders. A recent Virgin Airlines example shows that not only do the new globally renowned red uniforms help clients recognize Virgin Airlines employees, they reinforce the “chic” reputation of the airline. They also created a unique engagement opportunity with clients and employees alike. 180 employees were given the opportunity to trial the uniforms and were asked for feedback. A special hashtag was used in hundreds of tweets related to the new custom uniforms. What could have been a simple change in uniform became a unique branding opportunity which the airline capitalized upon.

Virgin Airlines is not the only company to use new threads as a marketing tool. The Company of Master Mariners of Canada, a national nautical professional association, collaborated with Monsoon Corporate Gifts to update their captains’ uniforms with personalized silk ties. These elegant ties were to be given as personalized corporate gifts to the members of the Company.

They were looking for a woven custom ties, with high quality embroidery of the logo. Monsoon Corporate Gifts assisted them with designing an elegant professional tie which would reflect the dignity and prestige of Master Mariners. When asked about the silk ties, Jack Gallagher, Master Mariner, said “We received our order of new ties for our association and could not be more pleased. The feedback from the members is very positive. Your patience and attention to detail during the process is much appreciated and has paid off handsomely. It was a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Find out how Monsoon Corporate Gifts can assist you with your rebranding strategy with custom corporate clothing. Get a free consultation for unique custom ties/scarves.

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